Chef Joe Randall’s Guest Chef Dinner Series

Take a look at some of these great photos from Chef Abigail’s visit with Chef Joe Randall as the Guest Chef Dinner Series Chef!

To arouse the taste buds, Chef Abigail begins with Southern Fried Oysters with Pickled Onion Tartar Sauce sure to please those who enjoy fresh local seafood. This course is followed by Chilled Strawberry and Champagne Soup with Jicama and Crème Fraiche, a pleasantly cool contrast to the first course and the hot entrée to follow. Veal Oscar, Tender Veal Cutlets with Blue Crab Asparagus and Béarnaise Sauce, with Mashed Potatoes is the delectable high point of the demonstration. Bavarian Cream, sometimes called Bavarois, is prepared with Fresh Berry Coulis, a dessert with star power. The class included the five-course dinner Chef Hutchinson prepares.

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