Ghost Hunt Weekend Wrap Up!

With 25 ghost hunters in tow the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew led everyone on an action packed adventure this past weekend at our haunted hotel. The weekend long event started Friday with a welcome dinner reception. The food was delicious and it was great getting to meet and greet with all the guests and crew.  Anne Fisher Coury a guest of Ghost Hunt Weekends said “I didn’t know what to expect, but came with an open mind and had an overall great experience.”

Ghost Hunt Weekend

The mood was set great with the Ghost Hunt Weekends banner and slide show. It really set the tone for the whole weekend……spooky and fun! The evening ended with a Jekyll Island Trolley tour where guests learned more facts about the island. The cold didn’t stop anyone and some even took a sneak peak around Hollybourne cottage with Chad and the crew.

Saturday started with a few Ghost Hunting Classes and then everyone was free to explore the island until the Ghost Hunt started that evening. Anne noted that Chad’s style of teaching was very “down to earth.” Lots of guests hopped on bikes and rode around taking in the great weather. Others relaxed and had a leisurely lunch followed by a nice nap to gear up for the night long hunt! We all reconvened in the Club Ballroom about 8pm to watch a video the Ghost Hunt Weekend team put together from their first visit a few months ago on a pre-investigation. The video highlighted some of the stories of pasts guests from various employees. The video really got everyone in the mood to get out of their seats and go on a 6 hour long ghost hunt to The Horton House, cemetery, Morgan Center, Sales office, Pulitzer & Aspinwall room, and some even hung around for a peak in the lending library.

Ghost Hunt Weekend
Ghost Hunt Weekend






Prepared with K2 meters, evp’s, spirit boxes, night vision cameras and more everyone split up into two groups. With plenty of Ghost Hunt Weekend crew members to go around we set off to find activity around the hotel. Like with any haunted hotel we found activity and indicators of energy throughout our Ghost Hunt journey. Most of the gang went to bed about 2:30 am, but some kept on going until past 4:00 am. Check out this picture of those that were left in the wee hours of the morning.

Ghost Hunt Weekend

Anne and her husband Tom have been visiting Jekyll Island since 1991 and when talking with her you get the feeling that coming to our Hotel was “like coming back to family.” To sum up her weekend she left us with “the Jekyll Island Club Hotel is such a special place and when combined with Chad and the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew it was bound to be an exciting and exhilarating event.” The Coury’s signed up after seeing our newsletter at Crane and are already signing up to come next year. To learn more about the 2014 Ghost Hunt Weekend at our Historic Hotel click here.

For more on the stories floating around our historic hotel check out this video.

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