Reservations Team a Navis Certified Power User


Over the last couple of years our hotel has made a big switch to better track room revenue with a system called Navis. Learning any new software system is difficult, but the change has proved to be very beneficial to reporting and tracking revenue based on different campaigns. Our reservations team: Katha, Kendra, Christine, Ann and Kimberly has done a fantastic job adapting to the change along with continuously improving their metrics. With that comes a well-deserved award as the Jekyll Island Club Hotel is now considered a Certified Power User based on exceeding goals and metrics set out by Navis. Our Reservations Director Katha Gleaton Tovey has been at the helm leading her team and coaching them on a daily basis. When talking to Katha about the system she said “Learning Navis has been the most challenging and rewarding thing I have done in my 34 years in the hospitality industry, besides raising my son, and I would not trade either experience for anything!”.

It is a team effort across the company as looking at past data the marketing team can see what campaigns were effective and what needs improvement. With Navis we are able to attach a dedicated 800 number and url to all campaigns and track the number of calls and amount of revenue associated with each one.

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