It’s Terrapin Season!


Beginning in May, not only does the weather warm up but turtle season begins on Jekyll Island. Some might not be familiar with what exactly turtle season is, and that’s okay!

During May until July, you’ll notice the flashing lights as you drive onto the island, signaling to you that you have entered a Turtle Xing. At this time of year, terrapins begin their nesting season and it is during this time that they are most likely to be crossing the Jekyll Island Causeway. Now as many of you do know, the causeway can be rather busy and traffic-packed! It is because of this that 864 terrapins have been struck and killed by cars on this very causeway.

In steps the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a hospital for ill and injured sea turtles, and is the only hospital of its kind in the state of Georgia.

It is calculated that at least 43,000 MILES have been driven along the causeway in efforts to save terrapins who appear to be trying to cross over the road. If you’ve visited Jekyll Island in the past month, then you probably have seen the Georgia Sea Turtle Center vans parked along the causeway for just this cause! But unfortunately they can’t always save them all, and that’s why they ask that you drive cautiously!

Now, what do you do if you see a terrapin in the road?

Foremost, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center asks that you ALWAYS put your safety first. If you see a live terrapin in the road, you may move the turtle to the side of the road in the direction it was originally headed for. If the terrapin is injured, move it out of the road and call GSTC at 912-635-4070, while making note of the number on top of the nearest telephone pole. If the terrapin is unfortunately already dead, then you may leave it in the road.

If you personally want to be even MORE aware of the terrapins nesting schedule, you can watch the tides and note that terrapins are most likely to nest a half hour before high tide and up to two hours after high tide.

Through sea turtle rehabilitation, research and education programs, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center aims to increase awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, promote responsibility for ecosystem health and empower individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally to protect the environment. The Center is open to the general public and offers an interactive Exhibit Gallery and Rehabilitation Pavilion with a number of viewable sea turtle patients.

Pam Moore – The Teacher’s Day Giveaway Winner!


In honor of National Teacher’s Day on May 5th, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel ran a Teacher’s Day Giveaway in order to recognize all of the special teachers out there and all the hard work they put in. After much deliberation and nominations to read through, our winner has been chosen.

Congratulations to Pam Moore, our Teacher’s Day Giveaway winner!

Pam Moore has served as a special needs teacher and earned the love of students, parents and teachers for more than 30 years by being an exceptionally patient and skilled teacher. Her friend and coworker Linda Porter nominated her in a very kind submission, with parts shown below.

“I’ve seen Pam come early to her classroom and leave late every day for 30 years. She tirelessly advocates for deaf and hearing-impaired children. She literally changes lives every day. I’ve never known a more positive person, a more fair and kind person, or a better teacher than Pam Moore. She is the kind of teacher every parent would want for their child. Her compassion for her students knows no bounds. She finds ways to challenge them and convince them they can do anything they set their mind to do.”

When asked if Pam was surprised that Linda had nominated her for this type of contest, she said “In all honesty, no!” Pam went on to say, “Linda is a kind and generous person who is always thinking of others. She and I worked together for about 15 years in the same classroom and with many of the same students. I know her well, as a professional, as a co-worker, and as a treasured friend. She is one of a kind.

As many know, teaching is not a profession that one selects on a whim. Many feel that they were born to be teachers and wouldn’t have it any other way. Pam is one of those people.

I think teaching is a calling. I knew before I began my college training that I wanted to work with children with special needs,” said Pam. “After working in a variety of settings with a variety of special needs populations (and after much consideration) I chose to major in Deaf Education.  After spending a semester working in a kindergarten classroom of deaf and hard of hearing children, I learned American Sign Language. I had the opportunity to meet many deaf people of all ages and became relatively fluent at that time.

With that string of opportunities, Pam knew she was on the right path. “From that experience, I understood how this special talent was needed, and scarce. Somehow I felt that because I could, I should. I love the culture and the language that deaf people share, and I understand many of the difficulties they face every day. I wanted to make a difference.

Through her hard work and dedication to her students, Pam Moore has made a significant difference, as Linda’s submission had said. When talking about her field of work, we had to ask “What do you love most about your job”. Pam’s answer only solidifies that in her dream to make a difference, she truly did.

Over the years I have met and had the privilege to teach some amazing individuals, some with whom I’ve maintained close relationships. I know their children, their families, and I’ve even taught a few second-generation students! They are all different, all unique, and all wonderful. Today is Mother’s Day. I received two text messages from former students today wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. One is the parent of a college graduate now. I taught her when she was in middle school. I remember that college graduate when he was a brand new baby! The other student just graduated high school. I thanked him for thinking of me, and he responded with, “Of course! I’m always thinking of you. You helped me, a lot.” Herein lies my true reward. This is what I love, and these are the reasons why I do it.”

We are so happy to be able to recognize such a kind and generous teacher for this very special day, National Teacher’s Day! Pam, nor her husband, has ever had the opportunity to visit Jekyll Island. During their much needed getaway, they are most excited for laying on the beach and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Jekyll Island.

There truly is no better place to unwind and relax, right?


If you know a hard-working teacher that deserves an island getaway at Jekyll Island Club, nominate them for the 2016 Teacher’s Day Giveaway contest!

Allyson Cook – the Spring Into Spring Contest Winner!


The Jekyll Island Club Hotel runs several different contests throughout the year in order to recognize those people who constantly go above and beyond their call of duty. Today, we have the pleasure of announcing the winner of our Spring Into Spring contest, Allyson Cook!

Submissions were accepted from any local, state or national park volunteer that helps to keep these gems beautiful. Every year Allyson and her colleagues participate in Earth Day, and this year they visited Ritter Park where they cleaned up overgrown flowerbeds and picked up any trash that had wandered its way to the ground.

“Participating in Earth Day is a global event for our company, and each local office plans an activity every year to do something good for the Earth in our local communities,” said Allyson. “It’s great to work for a company that encourages and offers these types of volunteer activities.”

Allyson and her husband have never had the opportunity to visit Jekyll Island, so of course one would be pretty excited that their time has finally come to visit this unspoiled island! “We are looking forward to all of the onsite activities. We love the outdoors,” said Allyson. “My husband plays golf, and I love to swim and enjoy a nice spa treatment – its going to be a fun weekend getaway!”

Being that Allyson loves the outdoors and volunteers every Earth Day in a local park, we asked if she considered herself to have a green thumb. “I love the outdoors and I love to have nice flowers in our yard but I have had some failures in that area. There are some flowers in our yard that have returned for the third year in a row, so that makes me so proud of myself to see them every spring.”

Just because one loves the outdoors and volunteers in local parks for Earth Day doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be an all-star gardener…it’s the thought that counts, right?!

No matter your set of skills or free time available, it is always great to get out in your community and give back a little. Every little bit counts in keeping our parks beautiful all year long!

To view our current contests running, click here. Check back periodically for new contests throughout the year.

Introducing the NEW Jekyll Island Club Salon and Spa!


This week, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel has had the pleasure of welcoming the new Jekyll Island Club Salon and Spa, with their grand opening on April 21st!

Located in the garden level of the Annex, the Jekyll Island Club Salon and Spa overs a large variety of services to make any women, or man, feel fabulous! From hair styling, to makeup, facials, waxing and nail services, and even a little gift shop, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Cindy Clements, owner of the Jekyll Island Club Salon and Spa, has a very extensive background in beauty services and is the successful owner of Fantasy Hair and Makeup. Often found glamming up the bride and her bridesmaids at the Hotel, Cindy and her set of skilled team members make up an all-star group that can complete any of your hair, skin and nail dreams!

Whether it’s just a quick drop in for your weekly nail polish change or maybe you are interested in hosting a girl’s spa day with tasty Jekyll Island Club Hotel pastries, fruits, cheeses and more, the Jekyll Island Club Salon and Spa can easily accommodate groups of any size.


The opening of the new salon and spa couldn’t have come at a better time, as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Give Mom the gift of pure relaxation with a weekend getaway to the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, complete with gift certificates for a relaxing manicure, pedicure and facial. You can even add on an in-room massage through Concierge.

What better way to make Mom feel like the queen she truly is than with a special getaway that she will remember forever?

Appointments can be made in the JIC Salon and Spa between 10am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday, and 9am-5pm on Saturday. Walk-ins are always welcomed.

Come and try out the new salon and spa for yourself…you are sure to not regret it!

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram to stay in-the-know!
View the full menu of services here.

Explore the Island with a Scavenger Hunt!


When traveling with kids, your day is often within the theme of “go, go, go!” Sometimes you can run out of attractions or activities to keep the kiddos busy and occupied, or maybe they have gotten bored with the usual playing on the beach. With Jekyll Island being a gorgeous outdoor playground filled with a historic background and a ton of sights to see, it’s the perfect location for a fun-filled scavenger hunt!

Make it island-wide, or pinpointed in the historic district for an educational twist. Have them take pictures as they hunt, or create a fill in the blank worksheet. Let them run around by foot, or rent bicycles for added fun. Time the scavenger hunt or open it up for the entire time of the trip. The possibilities are endless!

Scavenger hunts are great for family reunions, extended family getaways, activities for the children at a wedding or for a group of friends traveling together who are in search of a fun activity that is outside of the box! You can create the scavenger hunt yourself with all of the information available on our website and other online outlets, or you can contact your Sales Manager for your event and they can easily help you out with questions, maps and more!

Here’s a sample of a previous scavenger hunt created for a client!

  • For whom was the indoor tennis center named?
  • What was the original use of the building that now houses the Sweet Shop?
  • Which “cottage” is due north of the Clubhouse?
  • Which Cottage (built in 1893) is yet to be restored?

Don’t let the kids get bored this summer! Create a scavenger hunt and it is sure to be something they will remember forever!

AAA Four Diamond Restaurant: The Grand Dining Room!


Today, we at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel are very excited to have our Grand Dining Room awarded the AAA Four Diamond Award.

The AAA Four Diamond Award is awarded to only 2.3% of nearly 30,000 restaurants that are approved by AAA, and in order for a restaurant to receive a four diamond rating, it must meet certain requirements. For establishments designated as AAA Approved, inspectors give a rating based on extensiveness of services, facilities and amenities that are typical of each individual rating level.

A Four Diamond Award is classified to restaurants with a distinctive fine-dining atmosphere who often have a highly creative executive chef, imaginative presentations and market-fresh ingredients on the menu. Also taken into account are if wine stewards are available, if there is an upscale ambiance and the general price range of the restaurant, with a four diamond being on the affluent side.

What an honor!


While everything about this award and rating is an honor, what truly puts the cherry on top of our excitement is that we are the only four diamond rated restaurant in the Southeast of Georgia, with only 13 four diamond restaurants making the list in Georgia. Of those 13, 11 are located in Atlanta with one in Greensboro, and of course, the final one located now in Jekyll Island!

We were presented the award by AAA Field Managers Jamie Thompson and Garrett Townsend, both of whom expressed how special the four diamond rating is because restaurants who hold the title operate on a significant level of consistency. Townsend also reported that 92% of AAA members will only choose either four or five diamond properties and restaurants, because they know the manner of which these awards are given is one to be trusted.


We couldn’t have achieved this huge accomplishment without all of the hard work, continuous efforts and high level of work ethic of all of our kitchen and Grand Dining Room staff. They deserve one big round of applause!

While this is our first AAA four diamond, we are already thinking about our second. Lynn Lee, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, and Executive Chef Dale Ford both expressed how they plan to continue to raise the bar in our Grand Dining Room in hopes of not only receiving the four diamond rating each year, but with a long-term goal of reaching a five diamond status.

IMG_0115 (8)

A very special thank you to all who helped the Grand Dining Room at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel receive this honor, and to Jamie and Garrett from AAA who personally delivered our award.

To make reservations in the Grand Dining Room for a one-of-a-kind meal, call 912-635-5155.


A Magical Evening Featuring Darcie Kent Vineyards


Last night at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel was filled with unique and delicious wines, extraordinary cuisine and great company. Even the rain couldn’t dull the evening!

Our second wine dinner featured, what is now I’m sure a guaranteed favorite vineyard among those who attended, Darcie Kent Vineyards. Located in Livermore Valley in the sunshine state, Darcie Kent Vineyards was established in 1996 by Darcie Kent herself who has wine running through her veins. Kent is a 4th generation winemaker  who was inspired by her Great-Grandfather, creator of the once successful Alpine Winery, and her wines are nothing short of what you would expect.

So, it’s safe to say the wine dinner was already off to a great start with simply just the vineyard selection!

The evening was set in the historic Morgan Center and was one to look forward too with six handcrafted courses being served. Each course was imagined, created and prepared by a different Jekyll Island Club Hotel chef, allowing the perfect amount of cuisine variety to be served.

With each new course served, a new Darcie Kent Vineyard wine was paired. The Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, West Pinnacles, Chardonnay, Mayo, Pinot Noir, Monterey, Cabernet Sauvignon, Madden Ranch, and the Grunner Veltliner, Rava Black Jack Vineyard all made an appearance at the farm tables and complimented each courses completely. What also makes these wines so unique besides the amazing vines they come from and all the different ingredients used, is the label. Not only is Kent a winemaker, but she is also a very talented artist and she actually uses her personal paintings of the beautiful natural setting around her on the Darcie Kent Vineyards wine labels. So not only is the wine exceptional, but it’s also uniquely beautiful.

Sipping on wines and indulging in fine cuisine always makes for a great night, but also getting to listen to Darcie and her top sales manager Harrison explain each wine with such depth and tell stories about the vineyard was the cherry on top to a fabulous wine dinner!

Check back soon for upcoming wine dinner dates, or join our mailing list to always stay up-to-date on what’s happening at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel!


We are FAMILY!


Family reunions and multi-generation vacations should be filled with an abundance of fun activities to suite everyone’s tastes, quality time with one another and of course, lots of laughter and memories made! Right? Here at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, we have your whole family covered from room set-ups, to meal plans and even fun itineraries.

For larger family getaways, we recommend something a little more private than the Clubhouse and Cherokee is just the spot! Housing 10 guests room, including a suite for the lovely trip planner of the group, a living room and small kitchen, it’s the perfect home away from home that everyone will fit in! This way, everyone is grouped together and you have the intimate, family vibe perfect for those lazy evenings with everyone gathered around catching up. Another added bonus, we are happy to set up catered functions in the Main Hall area so you and your family doesn’t even have to leave the cottage for meals!

Now if your family reunion isn’t a large one, but more of a multi-generational vacation, you can easily take your pick of accommodations that includes singles, double-doubles, queens, and kings, along with suites and deluxe rooms! With 157 rooms and a huge variety in room-type, we’ve got you covered.

You also don’t have to be in a private cottage to have private family dinners. We have plenty of meeting space and banquet rooms that can fit any family from 10 people to 100. Our Catering Managers can help you plan the private events with menus, bars, entertainment and so much more to make it extra special and tailored to your family’s style!

Dining_Family Reunions

We also offer great meal plans so you can easily take into account food prices for any budgets you may have. Our Full-American Plan offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at $96 per person, per day and our Modified American Plan offers breakfast and dinner at $76 per person, per day. Of course, we can tailor meal plans to include just one meal a day, Sunday Brunch or even picnics!

Because really, who wants to spend time in the kitchen slaving away over a huge family meal when they could be relaxing with everyone else?

Now that you have the rooms and meals all situated, let’s talk the FUN!

Whether the adults are looking for interesting architecture and history, while the children are in need of fun activities at leisure, everyone will find something they love! More than fifty activities are available, allowing you and your family to immerse yourself in the former glory of the club and island.

Lay on the uncrowded beaches, paddleboard in the gentle Atlantic Ocean, kayak through the winding marshes of the Golden Isles, take a shrimp boat excursion, go horseback riding on the beach or be daring and go deep sea fishing. Play on the three unique golf courses or go for a game of miniature golf with the kiddos, casually bike along the 20 miles of bicycle paths that showcase the unique surroundings, have a friendly match of tennis, go on a bird watching hunt or take part in any of the island events! Enjoy riverfront sunsets, nights underneath the stars with a cold drink, historic tram tours, horse drawn carriage rides, educational trips to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, shopping along Pier Road and exploring the Jekyll Island Museum and historic sites such as Horton House, the Historic District and of course, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.


As an outdoor playground with a wide variety of activities, sunny weather and just enough distance in-between for those families who need a little alone time, we are the perfect centerpiece to your next family reunion or multi-generational vacation!

No Winter Lasts Forever!


I don’t know about you, but these cold fronts and freezing temperatures have all of us daydreaming about Spring Break here at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. With warmer temperatures, awakening of wildflowers, longer days and shorter nights, it’s no wonder everyone falls in love with Jekyll Island’s springtime.

So put away those winter blues, crank up the heater and let’s start planning your Spring Break vacation!

Whether it’s a family-friendly vacation you seek, or a relaxing getaway with your fellow teachers, we have just what you are looking here…including a 25% off Winter or Spring Getaway discount!

Soak in some vitamin d on the uncrowded beaches, paddleboard in the gentle Atlantic Ocean, casually bike along the 20 miles of paths that expand from one end of the island to the other, tee off at any one of the 3 golf courses, or have a heart-pumping tennis match. If adventure is more your style, take a shrimp boat excursion, go deep sea fishing or kayak through the winding marshes of the Golden Isles.


If you plan on joining us this March and April, events such as the Darcie Kent Vineyards Wine Dinner, the JIAA Art Festival or the free Easter Egg Stroll would be a great addition to your getaway, or if you are into photography, our Photography Weekend Package still has spots available.

Fill your days with delicious breakfast buffets, strolling along the mom and pop stores on Pier Road, enjoying lunch in the beautiful Courtyard at Crane, discovering everything there is to know about sea turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center or bike rides through the historic district.


Grab delicious treats at our Club Café, stop by our Lending Library for a good read, explore all of the historic background of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the Historic District with a tram tour or claim a rocking chair on the Veranda for pure relaxation.

And of course, your nights are always well spent watching the sun set over the river with a cold cocktail in hand, cruising around the island in the signature Red Bugs or sitting among good company in our late-night Pub.

JIC-Holiday 2013094

Bring the whole family, grab a few friends, or simply travel solo…whatever your situation may be, stop daydreaming about Spring Break and make it happen instead!

But whatever you do, just make sure it includes the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, a little piece of southern paradise!


Mambo Over to the Club for Big Band Dance Weekend!


Big Band Dance Weekend is making an appearance again here at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel this coming February 20-21 and you don’t want to miss these two nights filled with dancing and fun!

Friday night kicks off the jazzy weekend with a Dessert Reception and smooth sounds from EZ Credit Combo from 8-10:30 pm in the Club Ballroom. Inspired by the similarities of dance quartets and quintets of the 40’s and 50’s, combined with the more recent sounds of pop bands, E-Z Credit formed in 1996 and has enjoyed a remarkable run as both a concert and dance band. Crossover styles in music featuring a horn trio and smooth vocals scan eclectic, keeping the dance floor alive with satisfying rhythms and harmonies! They will have you out busting a move on the dance floor in no time, and you’ll be begging for it not to end!

So, you have the opportunity to celebrate that it’s finally the weekend by dancing the night away and having your fill of all the tasty sweets you desire…for only $25 per person. AND, it’s the perfect date-night for a night “out on the island!”


Do we need convince you any further?

Saturday night is the crescendo of our Big Band Dance Weekend with the famous Dinner Dance in the Morgan Center from 7-10:30 pm. Indulge in one-of-a-kind items such as Upscale Crudite, grilled tournado of beef topped with fresh grouper and much more. And of course, topping off the meal with a very fitting dessert, Tuxedo Pie.

On this special evening, you will be busting a rug to the sounds of the Jekyll Island Big Band, founded back in 1979 who drew over 800 people for their very first dance. From 1980 until 1981, the group was took on the name of the Jekyll Island Dance Orchestra where they produced a LP Album in Macon, Georgia titled “The Sounds of Jekyll Island Performed by the Jekyll Island Big Dance Band”.  But it was the winter season of 1981-1982 that put the group on the map for big things and now have a track record for a 32 year story. So basically….the Jekyll Island Big Band is AMAZING!


Under the direction of Dr. Hal Crowe, the 15 piece Jekyll Island Big Band performs swing and dance standards that are timeless and exhilarating to ballroom dancers, new or seasoned! Whether desiring to Foxtrot, Samba, Waltz or Tango, this is the orchestra that delivers with all the high and low notes your dancing feet could want!

So now, you also have the opportunity to make that Friday date night a weekend trend and really knock the socks off of your date! With a delicious dinner and an extra hour of dancing time on Saturday evening, all for only $65 per person…you can’t go wrong!

Stop thinking about and go ahead and buy your tickets today.

Do it so you won’t have to dance with the broomstick in your kitchen because you wish you had joined us!

Purchase Friday Night Tickets HERE.

Purchase Saturday Night Tickets HERE.