Lets Go Shrimpin’!

Every year, our Cooking School ventures out on an excursion to a local, culinary attraction of sorts, and this year was the famous Lady Jane Shrimp Boat!

As an added bonus to this fun outing is that September is National Shrimp Month, and we coincidently got to celebrate it out on the waters shrimpin’!

Lady Jane is a United State Coast Guard certified passenger steel shrimping vessel that was recently retired after years of loyal service to the shrimping industry. To finish out her heyday, the Lady Jane offers once in a lifetime experiences throughout the Golden Isles marshes.

Once aboard, Cameron Ako and John Tyre walked us through what all we would be doing while on the excursion and then we took off, heading towards our shrimpin’ spots. With Lady Jane, the nets go down for about 15-20 minutes, so if animals such as turtles or air-breathing wildlife get caught it in, they will be released before any harm is done.

Finally, it was time to bring in the nets and begin sorting through what we caught!

While it is a shrimp boat, we caught a huge variety of marine life from puffer fish, to flounder, blue crab, sting rays, horseshoe crabs, and even a small shark!

Tyre did an awesome job sorting through our catch, while also educating us on the different species and letting the group careful handle them too. There were even several brave souls in the group who held the 3-foot shark!

Of course all marine life was tossed back, gently, into their natural habitats and no cute, nor slightly scary, animal was harmed in the whole process.

Lady Jane docks at the popular Marshside Grill in Brunswick, Georgia, described as in-between the Saint Simons Causeway and the Jekyll Island Causeway.

If you haven’t gone on a shrimpin’ adventure and you are in the area, then the Lady Jane is a must!

Wacky Wagyu Food Friday!


This special Food Friday piece is on beef.

And no, not just on regular ground beef…it’s on Wagyu!

(pronounced wag-you)

Use a cast iron skillet to get an excellent sear on the filet and seal all the flavor inside. Finished in a 350° oven until desired temperature (Chef’s recommendation – medium rare). If a truffle flavor doesn’t please your palate, go with a simple matre’d butter, which is a compound butter with garlic, shallot and herbs. With such a high quality beef, simple is better. No need to drown this filet in a heavy sauce!

Some facts about Wagyu
It is similar to Kobe Beef but is not the exact same. Only a small amount of real Japanese Kobe Beef is imported to the U.S. So, some ranches in the U.S. have some of of the same cattle, and have crossbred with Angus Cattle to create a Kobe style beef that is high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This is what we call Wagyu. These cattle have intense marbling in the meat which gives it such a rich flavor. It is available on line for purchase, and more information can be found at www.wagyu.org

Making this Food Friday, Magnifico!



Because who doesn’t love a big ole pot of homemade pasta with a glass or two of wine and a Redbox movie rented, making up the perfect relaxing Friday night in?

pastarecipe (4)

Mix all wet ingredients. Place flour into a mixing bowl with a dough hook attachment. Slowly add wet ingredients while dough hook is moving. (lowest speed possible). Once a ball of dough has been formed, take it out and knead for about 5 minutes. If the dough is too wet, add flour, if too dry add a bit of water.

Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour. (no more than 1 day). When you’re ready to serve, cut the pasta in smaller pieces and roll with a pasta roller attachment. From here you can make agnolotti, ravioli, or cut into strips for fettucine or linguini. Many mixer attachments come with multiple options for cutting pasta.

And to pair a sauce with fresh pasta, simple is always best. A butter sauce, light lemon cream, or something rustic with chunks of roasted tomato and charred onion are always great options.

Our New Club Café at the JI Beach Village is Now Open!

On July 17th, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel opened the doors to its new Club Café at the Jekyll Island Beach Village, an extension of the original bakery-delicatessen located at the main Clubhouse.

Providing all day eating, grab-n-go items, hand spun ice cream and more, the new Club Café is the perfect spot for your morning handcrafted Starbucks latte, a quick lunch, your afternoon sweet treat or a casual dinner after a day out at the beach.

Enjoy hot breakfast sandwiches, fresh salads, a variety of sandwiches, wraps and more, and be sure to grab one of our homemade pastries made daily by our chefs that includes pastries, muffins, sticky buns, cakes, pies and our famous café cookies.

Welcoming early risers and night owls, come relax inside or out with café seating and treat yourself!

Open from 7am-10pm daily. Contact the Club Café at the Beach Village at 912-635-5188.

View our full menu here.

Sweet or Spicy? No One Knows!


This Food Friday, we have a very special ingredient in the mix.

Introducing the Shishito Pepper – a small green East Asian sweet pepper.

Besides it’s name, this pepper has a fun quirk to it. One in every 10 shishito peppers is spicy, and the only way to find out is to…you guessed it….eat it!


First, you will either roast or blister your 12 shishito peppers and let cool. Then, once you have all your ingredients together, whip the cream cheese with the herbs and minced onion and plop into a piping bag. Cut a slit in the top of the peppers and pipe the cream cheese mixture evenly into the peppers. Grab your partially cooked bacon strips and wrap around the filled shishito peppers, toothpicking it to the pepper if need be. Once you have all peppers wrapped, place on a baking sheet and into the oven for 5-8 minutes at 350 degrees.

Then…play pepper roulette and see who gets the spicy one!

It’s an appetizer and game all in one.

Fun stuffed, right?



Remixing a Classic on this Food Friday!


Always staying in the lines and keeping things the same all the time isn’t always very fun, right?!

That’s what our chefs like to think too!

Brenna Drum, Chef de Cuisine, has her very own remix on the traditional salad, panzanella, that features the seasonal cucumbers and some jazzy buffalo mozzarella!

The remix is just as good as the original, but of course you’ll have to make it to see!

Panzanella (1)

What is also so great about panzanella, even with this remix, is that all you have to do is combine and toss all ingredients together, and you’re all set!

Simple, quick and easy….just like how every Friday should be!

A Getaway Filled with Laughs!


It’s never to early to begin planning a funny-filled weekend!

We are already very excited for our annual Comedy Weekend January 22-24, 2016 because our lineup for both nights is full of epic, well-known comedians!

The event kicks off Friday January 22 in the Morgan Center, with a great MC for the whole weekend, Andy Pitz. Described as one of New York’s most original, funny and talented stand-up comedians, you just know he is going to be good!

Transitioning after Andy on stage will be Dean Napolitano, Aaron Kleiber and Dale Jones.

Napolitano will remind you of the comedians from yesteryear, but with a modern twist that keeps you engaged and laughing the whole time. Having TV credits from “About Brian” on ABC, “Heroes” on NBC, “The Shield” from FX and many others, Being up first, Napolitano is sure to set the humorous tone for the weekend.

Kleiber has always been an entertainer, from standing on coffee tables envisioned as a stage as a child to just your nightly dinners with a now unique comedic tone. Recently named “Best Pittsburgh Comedian” and a requested feature performer for Jim Breuer, Bob Saget and more, it’s no wonder we wanted him in our lineup!

Jones is no newbie to the comedy world and is also very familiar with the TV world, having appeared on “The Very Funny Show” on TBS, “Last Comic Standing” on NBC and The Comedy Network in Canada. His 20 + years of experience make his machine gun style delivery and insanely high energy on stage one amazingly funny performance!

Because one night of belly laughing entertainment is never enough, the weekend continues onto Saturday night as well….with an ALL NEW lineup of clever comedians – Sally Brooks, Dave Williamson and Al Jackson.

Brooks’ style can easily be described as fun-loving, smart-assed and personable, making her a great way to kick off the final evening show. Having been apart of Comedy Central’s “UP NEXT” talent search and was an inspiration for the HULU show “Mother Up”, Brooks will be bringing a lot of belly laughs to Jekyll Island.

Childhood stories, colorful college memories, and young father experiences make up Williamson’s material and it creates a home run of laughs! Debuting on TV with “NickMom Night Out”, earning the title “Miami’s Best Comedian” and having released a highly rated debut cd, Williamson is on a roll and always pleases the crowd.

And last but not least, Jackson is the final comedian on the weekend and there are several reasons why to back that decision. With appearances on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, being the host for FOX’s “Awesome Adventures” travel show, and credits to include “Comedy Cuts” on TBS, “Louie Anderson Presents” with Showtime and too many others to list, Jackson is sure to leave the crowd with some seriously sore ab muscles to conclude the weekend.

A weekend package is available and includes reserved, preferred seating at both Friday and Saturday night shows, with a two night stay at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel including the breakfast buffet each morning.


Individual tickets are available for both Friday and Saturday night shows at just $35 per person per night, if bought in advance! Tickets will be $45 per person per night at the door.

Two nights of tasty libations, great company and 7 well-known comedians….it doesn’t get much better!

Our Pin-To-Win Giveaway Winner Is….


Join us in extending a very special congratulations to our Pin-to-Win Giveaway winner, Stephanie Hall!

She has won a four night getaway to the Jekyll Island Club Hotel for up to four people, including full day bike rentals one day.

Stephanie has never had the opportunity to visit Jekyll Island, but knew it should be on her list after hearing vacation stories from relatives. Being from Indiana, Stephanie and her fiance have never made it down to Georgia but traveling down south has always been a conversation of theirs since part of their bucket list consists of seeing and traveling to every US state. And of course, they are most looking forward to seeing the ocean and hanging out on our nine miles of shorelines…something us coast-birds sometimes take advantage of!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Pin-to-Win Giveaway and made it a success. While you may not have won this time, we are always running different contests and giveaways all throughout the year. So be sure to continue to test your luck in winning a getaway to the Jekyll Island Club Hotel!

Again, congratulations Stephanie!


Celebrating Food Friday like the French!


Chocolatefrenchsilk (1)

For Tart Shells:

Add Butter, Powdered Sugar, and Salt to a mixer. Using paddle attachment blend until creamy. Add Egg and blend until smooth. Sift Cake and All Purpose flours together and slowly add into mixture until smooth. Lay out plastic wrap over a cookie sheet, place dough onto plastic wrap and press flat. Wrap dough to keep out air. Refrigerate for 30 min. to an hour.

Preheat Oven 350 Degrees

Pull dough from refrigeration (should be soft but hold its shape). Dust a flat clean surface with All Purpose flour and roll tart dough to approx. 1/8th in. thick. Grease Tarts Shells with non-stick spray and lay dough into molds. Cut parchment pieces to cover each mold individually and fill with either baker beans or bakers rice. Bake in oven (for the 9” tar shell) for 15 min. turn and bake an additional 10-15 min. until dough is golden brown on edges. (for the 3.5” tartlets) for 10 min, turn and bake an additional 10-15min. until edges are golden brown.

Once baked allow to cool completely and remove parchment with beans/Rice.

For Filling:

Cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs slowly and mix until completely incorporated – mixture may look curdled. Add warm melted chocolate and quickly mix in. Beat on high until smooth. Add cream and vanilla and beat on high until thick. Pile filling into baked tart shell(s), chill until set.

Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, as desired.

Join Us for Our Benefit Truffle Wine Dinner!


Our next wine dinner has been set and we want you to join us!

With not even a month to go, the next wine dinner will be presented by the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the American Culinary Federation Golden Isles Chapter….and is themed in truffles!

But that’s not all that makes this wine dinner unique.

Part of the proceeds from the wine dinner will be donated to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Center of Savannah in honor of a sweet little girl, Alexa Hartenstein, who received her wings this winter.

Throughout the evening, you’ll enjoy a five course meal inspired by seasonal truffles, delicious wines and the child at heart we all have. Some of Alexa’s favorite foods are hidden throughout this unique menu  – granny smith apples, macaroni and cheese, lollipops, even more cheese, and cornbread, just to name a few.

Several different wines will be present and they are sure to please any palate!

Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Rose…Perriere Sancerre….Cave de Lugny, Macon Lugny Les Charmes….Chateau la Nerthe Chateauneuf-du-pape “Les Granieres” and Chatteau Laribette Sauternes.

Don’t worry, just leave the pronunciation of them to our chefs and just swirl, smell and sip!

So go ahead and join us in the Morgan Center on the evening of August 23rd from 6-10pm for a night filled with unique, handcrafted foods, perfectly paired wines, wonderful company and a great cause. All the best things in this world.

And, for those attending who would like to capitalize on the event by extending their evening into the night, a very special rate of $159 for Sunday night is now available.

You may view the full menu and purchase your tickets HERE; and book your room, if so desired, HERE.