August Fishing Report with Captain Griffin Wood

As we get into August with the dogs days of summer getting pretty brutal with very little relief. Our fishing has a hot bite off Cumberland Beach, mostly Sea Trout and some mixed bag opportunities. The Tarpon are out front near the Beach’s. Look for the bait and birds to locate them. Don’t forget to look around because Tarpon are not always with bait when on the move, you may see them rolling or jumping and loving life. So keep those eyes peeled! Redfish can be fished in the grass on the artificial baits with a good cast. Flounder has been a decent bite when the tide is coming in after low. I like to fish low tide outside of creek mouth, fishing around docks, and Jekyll Fishing Pier has produced a good bite fishing on the bottom using a live Shrimp or Mud Minnows. Redfish have not been very eager to eat at low tide because of the hot temperatures, if you’re very quiet and stealthy these Redfish will lay in the grass to rest and try to keep cool using the grass as cover. It helps to see the fish before it sees you! We are using swim baits and shrimp as our artificial of choice.

On another note Sharks can be caught fishing on the bottom with just about any cut bait, chum, and live bait. When using live bait the presentation I like is much different. I go off the beaches and look for Shrimp Boats and drop live baits behind them as they trawl for Shrimp. Creating a feeding frenzy! Dolphins work the surface just behind the nets that are being pulled. While keeping the boat in place we throw the live baits out, free line them and before you count to thirty you should have a shark hooked up! Most of the ones we catch are Black Tips and Spinner Sharks behind the Shrimp Boats. When we fish Inshore for Black Tips and Bonnet Head using cut Squid fishing on bottom with a 2 ounce weight. Most of these Sharks range from 1ft to 3ft which can be lots of fun on light tackle for the novice and young anglers. Fishing on the bottom like this can also produce Bull Reds, which are the adult Red Fish. They can range from 30-50 lbs. and are lot of fun! Please handle these Bull Reds with care when you release them.

Tight Lines..

Captain Griffin Wood