Eco Facts

Learn what makes our Golden Isles resort eco-friendly.

In the heart of the Golden Isles lies our beloved Jekyll Island Club Resort. With a deep appreciation for our stunning natural surroundings, we hold eco-friendly initiatives in the highest regard. Through our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we have earned esteemed third-party labels and certifications, serving as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding the island’s pristine beauty. As responsible stewards of this historic destination, we remain deeply committed to sustaining its allure and preserving its bountiful natural resources for the enjoyment and admiration of future generations.

Eco Facts

Check out why we’re a green resort on Jekyll Island, and what makes us that way. From LED light bulbs to sensor control panels in guest rooms, low- or zero-VOC paints and energy-efficient technologies to implementing water conservation measures and initiatives to reduce plastic waste, we make sure that not only is our resort green, but we make sure it’s easy for you to be green too.

Preserve, Protect, Inspire

Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced by the presence of a dedicated sustainability team onsite. We’re continually developing eco-friendly efforts to preserve and protect the environment, while still offering an indulgent (and healthier) resort experience.

Water Conservation

At Jekyll Island Club Resort, water conservation is at the core of our sustainability efforts. With over 75% of low-flow or dual flush toilets, faucets equipped with low-flow aerators, and low-flow showerheads, we prioritize minimizing water consumption without compromising guest comfort. Our dedication extends to the outdoors, where native or drought-tolerant landscaping reduces irrigation needs, and smart irrigation systems with moisture sensors ensure efficient watering practices. By sub-metering water consumption in various areas, we empower data-driven conservation efforts.

  • AquaRecycle’s state of the art technology reclaims 100% of the wastewater.
  • The recycling process removes lint, minute solids, organics, detergents, surfactants, oil and other contaminants.
  • The recycled water is then disinfected and ready to use again for both the hot and cold-water supply.
  • The only water lost in the process is that which is lost through evaporation, or approximately 10% or total water usage, and a small amount of recycled water used to backwash the filters periodically.
  • The temperature of the clean, recycled water will be about the same temperature as the wastewater, typically around 120 degrees.
  • Our recycled water is used for both the hot and cold-water supply to the washing machines.
  • The patented process begins with the removal of suspended solids to under 2 microns.
  • We then filter the laundry wastewater through our proprietary blend of media to remove soaps, organics, free oil and grease, odors, chlorine, detergents, and other contaminants in the process water.
  • The final process uses low-pressure ultraviolet light and ozone to disinfect the process water. Recycled water is returned for reuse, clean and disinfected, at an average temperature of 120 degrees.

Diversion From Landfill

No more tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Instead, our guests may treat themselves or someone special to the luxurious scent and body-drenching nourishment of our Lather bath & body essentials in large shower pump bottles.
To reduce plastic waste, we’ve also taken steps to eliminate and replace plastic straws with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Additionally, we’ve made significant strides in reducing single-use plastics throughout the property.

Reduction of Chemicals

When it comes to resort upkeep or any necessary paintwork, we exclusively use low- or zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, finishes, and other related items. By choosing these eco-conscious alternatives, we significantly minimize the release of harmful chemicals into the air, benefiting both our guests and the beautiful surroundings of Jekyll Island.


Experience the convenience of Jekyll Wheels, our eco-friendly transportation service that allows guests to explore the area safely and comfortably, free from the hassle of gas, traffic, and parking. Discover the natural wonders of Jekyll Island along its 20 miles of paved bike paths, equipped with everything you need to make your journey an unforgettable one.

Food Waste

Recognizing the importance of responsible food management, we actively measure the amount of food waste generated, ensuring transparency and accountability. Over the past year, we have implemented innovative food waste prevention strategies, leveraging sustainable practices to minimize our environmental impact and promote a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Energy & Carbon

Energy consumption is sub-metered in various areas of the property, allowing us to track and analyze usage patterns with precision. This data-driven approach empowers us to identify areas of improvement and implement targeted energy-saving strategies throughout the resort. By combining energy-efficient technologies, such as digital thermostats, occupancy sensors, variable frequency/speed drives, and LED lighting, with detailed monitoring, we strive to create a sustainable environment that maximizes energy efficiency while delivering exceptional guest experiences.