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Refreshed & Reimagined

We’re thrilled to re-introduce our guests to Jekyll Island Club. With the help of our talented team of designers, recent upgrades at the resort breathe new life into our charming guest rooms and dining outlets. Special attention was given to artwork, furnishings and details that will give visitors a warm welcome and inspiring guest experience.

In the Details

From custom watercolor paintings in each room to repainted molding and imaginative headboards, new details and finishings around the resort contribute to delivering a warm and unique experience for guests

The Clubhouse

Guestroom boasts vibrant colors, with textiles mirroring the island’s flora and fauna, alongside natural color palettes and pronounced textures. Traditional elements such as watercolor artwork and comfy lounge chairs add to its charm, while high contrasting paint colors highlight molding and trim work, elevating the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Crane Cottage

The bronze metal canopy bed takes center stage, while other guestrooms pay homage to the historic Causeway Tower with an oversized black and white photograph. Grounding the room is a large-scale area rug, complemented by an abundance of flora textiles and art, evoking the essence of a tranquil southern tropical retreat.

Cherokee Cottage

Guestrooms exude brightness and airiness, featuring original wood floors and custom area rugs in a lattice pattern, alongside carved poster beds and nightstands. John Derian decoupage plates adorn the walls, celebrating the beauty of nature, while a custom oil painting depicting a salt marsh enhances the sense of locale.

San Souci

The interior design was inspired by the Victorian Era as evident in the curved headboard silhouette, richly stained nightstands, layers of pattern and rich colors. The turreted architecture is true to the style with high ceilings, porches and fireplaces in some of the rooms.

Feeling Grand

In The Island Club, The Grand Dining Room’s design honors its hunting club origins, highlighting the island’s natural beauty. Textiles reflecting flora and fauna, natural color palettes, and pronounced textures set an inviting ambiance. Custom axminster carpet patterns depict local equestrian scenes and birdlife, complementing the rattan dining chairs and furnishings, ensuring a cohesive and captivating dining experience.

Ocean Club Oceanview Terrace

Enjoy the views at our luxurious 2nd-floor rooftop deck, meticulously designed for a heightened coastal experience, featuring adjustable louvered panels for shade and integrated fans and heaters for custom climate control. Retractable transparent walls offer seamless indoor-outdoor living with panoramic ocean views and gentle sea breezes, promising an oasis of luxury and tranquility for all seasons.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Jekyll Island Club Resort

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