Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Get Lost at the Famous Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach

If you’re looking for a truly unique beach that is consistently ranked one of the prettiest and most picturesque in the US, Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is definitely worth a visit.

Named, of course, for the abundance of driftwood visitors find along the shore, Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach is especially unique in that there are whole fossilized trees on the beach with an unapparelled view of the sunrise.

Created by erosion over the years, the phenomenon of this beach was created by constant changes that effect the northern part of Jekyll Island, where the beach is located. The landscape was shaped by facing the daily rise and fall of the tide, intense storms, and the occasional hurricane.

Trees On The Beach.

Is Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island the Prettiest Beach in America?

Much has been written about the beauty of Driftwood Beach and it consistently makes top 10 lists as one of the prettiest and most romantic beaches in the US.  Pictures rarely do it justice, but take a look at our gallery and we think you’ll agree that its beauty comes from its uniqueness and it’s definitely unlike the typical beaches that make these types of lists.  The only way to truly know, however, is to come see it in person and our nearby hotels make it easy to discover and explore.

Fishing On The Beach.

What to do on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA

Whether you are looking for a quiet beach to relax on or crave something more active, Driftwood Beach is a great place to spend your day on Jekyll Island. Located away from the hustle of the hotel strip along the beach, Driftwood Beach is a favorite for picnics, beach walks, family spots, and even a nap spot with a portable hammock.

Driftwood On the Beach At Sunset.

Photography on Driftwood Beach

As you’ve learned, Driftwood Beach is incredibly picturesque so it should be no surprise that photography is a top activity here. Since the beach faces east, you can truly capture some amazing pictures at sunrise, but really any time of the day you’re bound to find a great shot.

Bride On The Beach.

Weddings on Driftwood Beach

If you’re looking for unique and romantic beaches to tie the knot for your wedding, Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is a perfect option. With its stunning, otherworldly landscape of twisted stumps and driftwood, this beach provides a truly enchanting backdrop for your special day. As a public beach, Driftwood Beach is a popular spot for ceremonies. Keep in mind – while the beach is ample, the parking on site is limited.

Beach At Sunset.

Sunrise Walk on Driftwood Beach

If you’re an early bird, be sure to take a walk on Driftwood Beach at sunrise. The cool morning air and fog over the water create a unique and peaceful atmosphere. If you’re a night owl, stick around for the sunset. The fiery oranges and reds against the dark sky are stunning. No matter when you go, be sure to spend some time exploring this unusual beach. Word to the wise, be sure to check the tides before you go! The beach is nearly entirely immersed during high tide.

Dog On The Beach.

Walk your Dog on Driftwood Beach

This pet-friendly beach is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air and fun in the sun with your pup. Just be sure to clean up after them if they go to the bathroom!

Family Going To The Beach.

Fly a Kite on Driftwood Beach

If you’re looking for a place to fly a kite, Driftwood Beach is the perfect spot. The open air and kids’ loved play areas make it the perfect place to spend a sunny day. And if the kids get tired of flying kites, they can always play in the sand or take a dip in the ocean.

Driftwood Beach Local Tips

Tides on Jekyll Island Beaches

Twice a day Jekyll Island has high and low tides, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly and take advantage of the roughly 12 hours and 25 minutes between high and low tide. Incredibly, there is a six to nine foot difference between high and low tides, so Driftwood Beach will have more beach to walk and interesting things to take pictures of if you arrive during low tide.

Jekyll Island Beach Rules

Similar to other beaches on Jekyll Island, when visiting Driftwood Beach you should make sure to follow the following rules:

  • Only take empty shells and dead sand dollars.
  • Fill in sandcastles and holes.
  • Stay out of the dunes and do not disturb the wildlife
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No fires, fireworks, or glass containers.
  • No metal detectors.
  • Be respectful and pack out what you bring to the beach.

How to Find Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach can be found just north of Clam Creek Picnic Area and Villas by the Sea Resort.

To get to Driftwood Beach, take the main entrance to Jekyll Island and follow the signs to Driftwood Beach. The google map below will give you specific directions.

As always, please be sure to obey all posted signs and regulations while visiting Jekyll Island beaches. For more information about beach access points and other park rules, please visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

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Please don’t hesitate to connect with our team if you have questions about becoming a Jekyll Island.